If you have a large area of your yard or garden that you aren’t sure what to do with, you may want to think about planting a wildflower garden. These gardens are incredibly easy to plant and require essentially no upkeep, making them a beautiful, low maintenance option.

If you live in Georgia, you will want to look for wildflowers seeds that are native to your area. Plants that are found growing wild in your climate will usually grow the best and will require the least amount of care. That means that once they are planted, you can pretty much let them do their thing without having to give them a lot of attention.

If you want your garden to be a success, you should look for a seed mix that is designed for the southeastern part of the US. You can usually find these mixes at nurseries, garden centers, or other stores that carry flowers seeds. If you can’t find any seed packets that are specific to the Southeast, you can always order seeds online.

Usually, the seed packet or container will state how much square footage they will cover. You should measure out the spot in your yard that you want to cover beforehand so that you know how many seeds to buy.

Once you have the seeds in hand, you can prepare the ground for planting. This is a lot easier than you might think. If you already have a garden area set up, you will just need to remove any weeds and turn the soil, smoothing it out with a rake to create an even surface. If you don’t yet have a space set up for planting, you may need to remove sod from your yard to create a suitable area. Again, once the sod is removed, turn the soil and then smooth it out with a rake.

The next step is to mix the wildflower seeds with sand. Although this may sound strange, it makes it much easier to sprinkle them evenly over the surface. Plus, the sand allows you to see the areas that you have already covered so that you don’t wind up putting all of the seeds in the same place.

After the seed is sprinkled, gently rake back over the surface and then water the area. Before long, you should have beautiful wildflowers starting to grow. As you can see, planting a wildflower garden in Georgia is a lot less labor-intensive than you might think.