Thanks to Boston and other areas of the state, Massachusetts has quite a large population for the northeast. Sure, there is New York and other states, but it is the New England state with the largest population. That population makes quite a hefty income, too, when it is all averaged out. Massachusetts comes in at #3 out of all 50 states in regards to average income, and I’ve heard from my friend just how high the property taxes can be there as well.

Massachusetts is one of the more affluent states if you will, and its devotion to cleanliness, education and a vision for moving forward in general helps create that atmosphere. Do you know anyone from Massachusetts? It doesn’t mean they are better than anyone, but it’s definitely a special state to call home. Each state has its claim to fame though. What is yours?

Have you ever heard of the Cradle of Liberty? You will learn quite a lot about the country’s early history when studying the state of Massachusetts, specifically in Boston. Education as a priority was mentioned, and it’s worth noting that there are some great universities in the state. There are also tons of historical landmarks, such as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.

If you look at Massachusetts from an economical standpoint, things really get interesting. The last thing you might expect is farms, but there are actually many of them, beautiful farms. Then there is of course manufacturing and other industries, but the state also is diversified when it comes to information technology and all other kinds of technologies. As mentioned earlier, the state’s property taxes are high, and pretty much everything is costly in Massachusetts.

Yet it’s a beautiful state that is full of opportunity and a great place for families. Besides Boston, what are some of the other cities in Massachusetts? There is Worcester, New Bedford, Cambridge, Springfield, Lynn and any more. Not only is Boston the most prominent city though, but it is of course the state capital as well.

If you’ve ever heard someone from Boston or Massachusetts in general talk, he or she had a distinctive accent for sure. People from the state are proud, and there is so much history and tradition in the state. It may not be one of the largest states in the US, but it is definitely one of the states with the most to offer.